Welcome Jon Heder fans!

February 13, 2008

Hey everyone! Welcome to the official fan club of Jon Heder. In case you just happened to come across this site randomly in some random google search and you don’t know who Jon Heder is, I’ll explain.

Jon Heder is an amazing actor who in my oppinion is extremely HOT! He stars in the movie Benchwarmers aaa.jpg (not a very good picture of him), Napoleon Dynamite0aaa.jpg(again, he looks better in real life), and,my favorite, Blades of gloryhot-jon-heder.jpg. I don’t really know much about Benchwarmers or Napoleon Dynamite, because I’ve never really seen those before. But, Blades of Glory is THE BEST MOVIE EVER! In Blades of Glory he plays a girl-ish acting professional figure skater named Jimmy Mac-elroy. Jimmy competes with another figure skater named Chazz Michael Michels to win the gold. They end up getting a tie. They both get angry and get into a fight, and for a punishment, the National Skating Federation takes away all their medals and bans them from men’s figure skating. But then, Jimmy finds a lophole: he was only banned from men’s singles he wasn’t banned from pairs figure skating. He finds out that his only hope is to pair up with Chazz; the only problem? they hate eachother and they’re two men, wich, looks gay. But they decide that the only way they can ever skate again is to team up. Heres a picture from the movie: 00-jon_heder12.jpg yeah, it’s a prety funny picture huh? Well, it’s a funny movie! IT IS HILARIOUS!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, get it.

Anyway, right now, Jon Heder is married and has a child.

Jon Heder is an amazing actor and really HOT! Which is why I created this site in honor of him.